Recent Book and Movie Reviews to Check Out


I am very late in announcing the book review I was asked to write for because I’ve been caught in the Christmas fog which immediately followed my November Novel Writing Haze.  

where i stand cover

My glowing review of John Lee Clark’s latest work, Where I Stand: On the Signing Community and my DeafBlind Experience was published last month on their site—link HERE—along with some other great stuff, like Raymond Luczak’s Interview with one of my favorite poets ever, Ilya Kaminsky, as well as his review of the all deaf cast Ukrainian movie, the tribe:  


I don’t think I’ve ever been made to equally want to see a movie and not want to see a movie at the same time before reading Raymond’s review of this!  Hearing people especially, please read Raymond’s review of this movie before watching it.  It may ruin some of the plot, but really, there’s not much to ruin.  I’m pretty outraged that this is one of the few movies where people use a local sign language throughout the movie.  Though be warned, there are no subtitles and it is in Ukrainian Sign Language, so if you don’t know that, you won’t really know exactly what the people are saying.  I just really hope people realize that this is not an accurate take on the “Deaf experience” by any means (see Raymond’s review for more details).


So check out Wordgathering, a journal of disability poetry and literature.  And if you want to read some insanely amazing poems that open their doors and draw you inside their world, go out and find Ilya Kaminsky’s book Dancing in Odessa:

dancing in odessa cover


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